ATM Zone Protection

Having developed the telescopic armoured enclosures called 'Pods' in 1996, Bastion has installed more personnel-protecting security enclosures, than any other provider and is the market leader in flat-pack / modular systems in the UK.

Protective enclosures basically fall into two types:

  • Telescopic, for internal use and which provide anti-ballistic protection and utilise minimal floor space
  • Static rooms, which can be used inside or outside, are made from our BastionWALL modular room building systems and provide certified burglary resistance as well as ballistic protection

Within the telescopic design, are versions for through-the-wall and lobby-type (front-fill) ATM's.

All products can be delivered flat-pack and built on site in a few hours. External rooms are usually delivered factory-built.

Exclusive features:

  • Market leading 12 months comprehensive warranty (UK and Ireland)
  • Certified ballistic testing and performance
  • Certified LPCB testing (BastionWALL4 system)
  • Low voltage LED lighting
  • Adjustable ATM aperture on telescopic Pods to accommodate floor height differences
  • Modular design allows door positions to be changed and new ATM's to be accommodated by changing one or more panels

Delivered & installed by Bastion Enclosures and rooms can be delivered fully assembled or rapidly constructed on-site

ATM Protection