Government / Defence & Critical National Infrastructure

Protection of people, critical assets and state secrets, is of continuous concern to those who oversee the alignment, development and availability of appropriate solutions to evolving threats.

The original BastionWALL system, a modular room building system with very high resistance to determined forced entry, has been upgraded. Elevated performance against a determined forced entry attempt with new and more potent tools, is being married with specified ballistic, blast and other capabilities, whilst retaining the slimline, dismountable and re-useable features it has always had. The system is approved for Government use. Please contact CPNI for further details.

BastionWALL4 is the more commercially oriented system, having an LPCB LPS 1175 SR4 rating. It shares the all-steel, modular assembly principles of the original system, but is lighter, cheaper and aimed at the most common commercial security standard in the UK today. This system involves walling, doors and a fixed ventilation louvre. Please see the certification and RedBook listing for further details.

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Delivered & installed by Bastion Enclosures and rooms can be delivered fully assembled or rapidly constructed on-site

Government / Defence